Love My Phone! Monday 02 May, 2011

I've ordered several older, simple phones from Cellular Country. I'm so happy they have the phones I like so that I don't have to upgrade to the newer phones that have more features than I'd know what to do with.

Their customer service is always friendly and prompt. It's so nice to buy a phone this way. Thank you!

Testimonial By: Linda

Great Phone & Cheap Monday 02 May, 2011

I've ordered several phones from Cellular Country over the years. They always arrive quickly and look nearly new.

Ordering my phones this way lets me avoid a lengthy line at my local store and just get the phone I want at a great price. Before I found this site, I didn't even know I had the option of ordering my own phone and using it with my plan.

So nice not to be limited to buying whatever expensive phones are in my local stores right now.

Testimonial By: Jolie

Great Service Thursday 26 June, 2008

I received my phone and everything looks great

Testimonial By: Eric — tennessee

Easy Activation Tuesday 10 June, 2008

My phone arrived this morning and I was pleased to see that it was in excellent condition; just as was stated on your website. It took only a few minutes to activate using Verizon's online activation service and I was back in business. Ordering from your company was extremely easy and the product and follow-up service were excellent.

I was very happy to find your site as Verizon currently is not offering any handsets from Nokia. I had been using a Motorola W385 which was recently lost. I never liked the W385, and being able to replace it with an almost new Nokia, which I do like, for a lot less money really made my day.

I'll be sure to tell my friends about your web site in case they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

Testimonial By: Larry — Santa Cruz, CA

Great Condition Tuesday 10 June, 2008

I wanted to contact you to let you know that I just received the cell phone that I purchased from you. It arrived much sooner than I expected. Your fast action after I placed my order is much appreciated.

I also wanted to say that I cannot believe how good is the condition of the phone. It is hard to believe that it is pre-owned. Your web site says that the condition of the phone is "Excellent", and it is. It really is.

All in all, I congratulate myself for placing my trust in CellularCountry. It all worked flawlessly, and I now have a reliable phone in excellent condition for a very long time. All of it without spending a fortune.

I am already spreading the word about my experience to friends and neighbors.

That is all for now. This grateful and satisfied customer says Aloha from Hawaii.

Testimonial By: George — Honolulu, Hawaii