Cellular Country Preferred Terms and Conditions

Cellular Country Preferred: A Revolutionary Phone Swapping Program

With Cellular Country Preferred, you can swap phones as often as you wish. Want to upgrade to a newer phone? No problem! Want to try another model? We’ll ship it right away.

With this program, you decide what phone you want to carry and how often you want to switch. With no limit on the number of swaps you can make and just a low monthly fee, you’ll be enjoying new phones as often as you like.

It’s simple: Decide you want to swap your current phone for a new one, and tell us what phone you’d like. We'll provide the return instructions and pull the new phone requested. Once the original phone is received back we process your swap that same day.

You can do this as often as you want for one low monthly fee, so you always have the latest, greatest phone that works for your lifestyle! Join Cellular Country Preferred today. Simply select Cellular Country Preferred as an add-on when you buy your phone, and unlock a world of new possibilities!