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Verizon Cell Phones

Cellular Country is the leading web marketplace for used Verizon cell phones that are guaranteed to work with your existing Verizon plan. We have the latest Android phones, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones that will work with your existing Verizon plan. We verify the electronic serial numbers (ESNs) for our Verizon phones, guaranteeing that they'll activate for you. When you get your phone, just dial 611 and ask Verizon to associate your account with your new ESN. They'll make the switch for you in a few moments. Even better, you'll have gotten an excellent price on your used Verizon cell phone, without any trips to a local store or long lines to wait in.
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Blackberry 8330 Smartphone for Verizon - Silver

Carrier: Verizon
Condition: Fair

Ships within 24 hrs.
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