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CREDO Mobile







CA California CREDO Mobile CDMA CDMA2000, EV-DO Working Assets

The world has evolved into a more interconnected village . The use of cell phones has turned the world on its head . The Kyocera Domino S1310 offers you with a plethora of messaging options to ensure you stay connected with your contacts wherever you go . The Kyocera Domino S1310 is your bridge to your contacts in any time zone or location. A Kyocera Domino S1310 has a diverse set of uses such as for taking photos, shooting videos, and watching videos . The Kyocera Domino S1310 is packed with apps that make life easier for users.
The Kyocera Domino S1310 will only reach top performance with the help of Cingular . Carriers provide you with various data plans and unlimited plans so that you can full enjoy your cell phone. Cingular not only provides you with data plans and unlimited plans they also provide you with services that make your cell phone experience worthwhile .

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