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CA California Boost Mobile CDMA, iDEN n/a Sprint Nextel
Connecting with people in a borderless world is spearheaded by cell phones . With the help of cell phones, you can now easily contact your friends and family . The Huawei Comet is capable of providing you with exciting features that are beyond just the usual call and text . A Huawei Comet is filled with features that make life easier like: video player, music player, speakerphone, built in Web browser, and others . The diverse features that your Huawei Comet offers ensures that you will have a grand time on the go .
Your Huawei Comet needs Verizon to work effectively . The carrier you get unlocks the full services you can use on your cell phone . The carrier you pick will determine what your cell phone can do and how far you can reach .

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